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Welcome to I.M. Group of Businesses

Welcome to the I.M. Group of Businesses. We have tailored such a unique blend of services that your satisfaction will be guaranteed. The I.M. Group has three subsidiaries: I.M. Internet Marketing, I.M. Business Coaching and I.M. Real Estates.

Internet marketing has diversified the manner in which business is carried out. Hence, the I.M. Internet Marketing caters to the need of entrepreneurs who are interested in widening their target market so that maximum benefits can be gained in a shorter period of time.

I.M. Business Coaching, another component of the I.M. business Group seeks to assist micro and small businesses. The success of these establishments is not of a desirable nature and so there is a need for a service such as ours, that will provide essential council and support that new businesses so desperately require.

In this day and age, finding a suitable accommodation that meets your taste and your pocket is truly a tedious task and a rare commodity when acquired. I.M. Real Estates (I.M.RE) knows the stress and anxiety associated with finding a home. That is why the attractive package offered by IMRE would suit you well. We take on this time and energy consuming activity so that you can have more time to accomplish or complete those things which you need to do.

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