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Growing Your Brilliant Ideas Into MoneyMakers

Here are a few simple pointers to help you get started with growing your ideas into moneymakers. These pointers will help you assess your ideas and measure their potential.

Ask yourself the following questions:

·      What are all the physical things I need to make this idea reality?

·      Where can I get information that will help me? (Look at getting expert advice or get information from others that have done something relating to what you want to do in anyway and try to piggyback on their success)

·      What do I already posses that will help me make this idea a moneymaker? (what set of skills, experiences or material do I already have?)

·      Which individual, or group of individuals’ help or expertise will I need?

·      What is the overall cost of turning my idea into a moneymaking reality?

·      How much revenue (money) can I make from my idea? – This may require research.

Once you have done this then you are ready to put together a plan of action to put your moneymaker to work.

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